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  3. MrBohannon

    Changelog v0.9.13-Public beta

    DustyRoads RPG Beta Release v0.9.13-Public Beta [Changelog] Crafting System Updates ALL recipes revamped (multiple ingredients for items) Various bug and item duplication fixes Items Updates Updated Icons for Hartford couch gun, Winchester Model 1866, Remington Rolling Block rifle, Colt Single Action Army New Barber Shop General Map Updates All towns now have a stables New Henryville Main Stable Framework Updates New horse spawn locations Farmers market economy adjustments
  4. MrBohannon

    THE CODE OF THE WEST! [Server Rules]

    THE CODE OF THE WEST We value roleplay over rule play, but even the wild west needs rules. 1.1 LIVE BY THE GOLDEN RULE All players should remain in character at all times and focus on maintaining the highest quality roleplay. Roleplay now, report later. 1.2 A REAL COWBOY RESPECTS HIS FELLOWS The use of racist, homophobic, sexist, and prejudiced content is prohibited. 1.3 NO MAN KNOWS NO LIFE BEYOND DEATH If your character dies you are unable to remember anything related to your characters death. You should forget those who have wronged you and not re-engage in the situation which caused your death. 1.4 DONT MESS WITH THE WITCHES Any form of glitching, hacking, or exploiting is prohibited and may result in a permanent suspension. 1.5 DONT BE A COWARD LIVE TO FACE YOUR BATTLES You should never leave the server in the middle of a role-play situation. 1.6 GIVE YOUR ENEMY A FIGHTING CHANCE Deathmatching other players for no reason is not allowed. You should only kill another player if you have a valid reason to. 1.7 KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD AHEAD Metagaming - using out of character knowledge such as Twitch streams and Teamspeak messages - to alter the actions of your character is forbidden. We want this space to be welcoming environment for all and we expect everyone to help us achieve this by notifying us of potential problems and helping others keep conversations inviting and appropriate. If you spot something problematic in the community, please report it. To make a report, please file a support ticket on the forums. Rules are subject to change, please stay updated on this posts for changes and updates.
  5. Jeta vazhdon zemra ime.

  6. sync0s

    Changelog v0.9.12-beta

    DustyRoads RPG Patched v0.9.12-beta [Changelog] Fixed problem where players inventories were getting wiped due to being on the login screen when automatic data sync occurred. All inventory wiping problems should now be resolved. Please report to us if it happens to any of you again. A couple more recipes were added. Particularly in preparation for the moonshine/native american character roll out. Forging gold was fixed Multiple server side bugs and errors were fixed Tools were added to enable our support staff to better serve the players when issues arise. I'm aware the last two patches have been small hot fixes. We are working on more major roll outs and updates, but for now we're trying to roll out smaller bug fixes/patches to ensure that everything is running smooth for the community. Stay tuned, we've got more in the works.
  7. Matt Winchester

    Posse Command

    Matt Winchester - Founder Long John Silver - Co-Founder
  8. MrBohannon

    Posses Pack Textures

    Share Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AKPIcR8S8lmOSMxB7JN8Wmq7_u5EikRm?usp=sharing Make sure before you submit your work you have thought about whether or not this would fit in a wild western theme only people with posse pack owner tags can submit work that gets uploaded to DustyRoads_CommunityAssets
  9. sync0s

    Changelog v0.9.11-beta

    DustyRoads RPG Patched v0.9.11-beta [Changelog] Fixed Lanterns Lanterns are now use-able from the hotbar with light localized to the player Mining Respawn Patched Inventory corrections and data sync improvements Increased the frequency of automatic data sync with the database Added a patch to correct glitched inventories with phantom items Fixed Single Action Army inventory picture and ammunition problem Added spam prevention to the tools (pickaxe, shovel, hatchet) Fixed known item duping methods with the crafting system
  10. Best Town Sheriff 

  11. sync0s

    Changelog v0.9.1-beta

    DustyRoads RPG Beta Release v0.9.1-beta [Changelog] Fixed bank heist system Money now available in the vault, increasing over time Doors won't automatically close after any amount of time. Sheriff's and Marshalls can now close the doors, it will automatically lock when they do Bank windows have been fixed to allow bullets to pass through them Added Central Bank sign to the front Saloon Market Added Saloon market will carry various items for sale as well as being another vendor players can sell specific items to Crafting System Updates New recipes added (ie, snakeoil, water, etc) Various bug and item duplication fixes Inventory System Overhauled Camera view has been changed and localized. It looks better and will prevent the issue of viewing other players from your inventory view Equipment handling buttons added allowing player to add/remove/change gear easily Drop button added allowing easy discarding of items that are unwanted Storage bug not showing item counts fixed Housing system adjustments Hotel crate spawns have been positioned inside the rooms as they should be Train station added to Driftwood New NPC added will allow whitelisted players to spawn/despawn the train from Driftwood as well as Henryville FPS issues caused by train station in Henryville has been fixed Hotbar buttons fixed Buttons 5 and 6 were seemingly inverted. They are correct now. Mine fixes Some ladders were blocking player from getting up them. Climbing them is now much easier One ladder was causing players to get stuck, ladder has been moved to prevent this Collision geometry on the mine walls and floors has been improved in order to help prevent players from falling through the mine. Option has been added to the T menu where players can dismount ladders when climbing them Gold mineral rocks are now mine-able General Map Updates New Native American settlement has been made south of Driftwood across the lake. This will be used as an area for the Native American character rollout coming soon Driftwood and Henryville have gotten some polishing and new additions General Bug Fixes Server side cleanup has been improved to help correct the issue where improper disconnecting caused AI to follow players and steal their horse Most errors firing during Arma launch have been corrected. There is still more to do in this area Post Office Messaging not populating player list when you don't have a message in your inbox already has been fixed Player to player interaction targeting has been improved Many various other small bug fixes and patches Handcuff keys not working on restrained targets has been fixed [Next Updates Forecast] Player to player trading to be added This will allow players to give/exchange items/money/goods Native American character selection will cause player to be spawned in the new Native American settlement Native american characters will rent Tipi's instead of the hotels, and will have different farming options available to them including sugarcane, which will be an important ingredient in moonshining. Moonshine Manufacturing will be added Crafting System Additions Many new recipes will be added to the crafting system Recipe Information portion of the Crafting UI will be cleaned up and made to look better. It will also provide more information about the resulting ingredient. Inventory Tooltips will be fixed Tooltips will be cleaned up and provide more information on the particular item. Items missing tooltips will be corrected Logging and Sawmilling system will be added Prison Jobs to work down sentenced time will be added Civilian restraints (rope tying) will be added All players (civilian and law enforcement) will be able to hogtie players and place them on the back of their horse All players (civilian and law enforcement) will be able to hogtie players and carry them on their back Quest system will be added with AI bandit missions Quests can be good or criminal depending Rare loot maybe available doing the bandit missions Some basic quests will be added to help newer players understand the mechanics of this mod Adding a beautiful new official stable to the map in the major towns. This is where horse purchasing and storing will be relocated to Horse leveling system Allow improvements in speed, fatigue resistance, and overall health Require horses be fed and provided drinking water occasionally
  12. whats uppppppp

  13. Howdy Everyone! The time is almost here and we want to let everyone participating in the Closed Beta this weekend to know what we are expecting to see out of every single one of you. This is a learning experience for all of us, we want to bring you the best mod we can, and without the communities help, it can prove to be a struggle. What we Expect from you: 1. Respect all your fellow players and attempt to create a wholesome environment with your peers in which roleplay is the main priority. 2. Report to the staff team any and all exploits, glitches, bugs and issues you find within the mod. This is the first time the mod will be played with many players and it is vital to find as much as we can so we can have a smooth full release and bring you more features. There will be a bug report channel in Teamspeak. If you find anything wrong at all please wait in there until you are assisted. If we find anyone at all exploiting these glitches for personal gain will lose the ability to participate in the rest of the Closed Beta Weekend. 3. Keep in mind that this is our FIRST beta release and there will most likely will be issues, do not complain about these issues, instead focus on helping the staff team get rid of them. 4. Use common sense and play the mod in a way that makes it fun for you and for others. 5. Tell the staff how you feel about the mod. We NEED your feedback so we can make our mod and community one of the best in ARMA’s history. Note: We do not want many rules for our server since it is the Wild West. That being said, if we find you doing something that takes away from the mod, changes may need to be made. Do NOT be the reason we have to create another rule. Also Note: Please if any of you have ANY suggestions, please make a forum post in the suggestions tab for our development team, or send Sam Gamble a message with a name, description, and any other information needed to get the point across. Thank you all for supporting our mod, we hope you enjoy every feature we have! Roleplay on Dusty Roads: Since this is a new concept and mod, roleplay will be closely monitored during the beginning of the server’s release. We do not have a solid grasp of how roleplay on Dusty Roads will be. It is the responsibility of every single player on the server to stay in character and focus on the interactions between others. We do not want strict rules when it comes to killing other players because this is like no other life server created, this is the Wild West, this is Dusty Roads. If you are going to kill someone, ensure it is done through roleplay and within reason. Do NOT RDM, and do not go bloodthirsty and attempt to find a way to kill every person you see. The main things we expect are for EVERY single play in this community to stay in roleplay and avoid the obvious issues that face any sort of roleplay server. As long as you are focusing on roleplay and staying in character there will be no problems. Problems will be dealt with by the admins and staff. Here is a getting started guide for our mod. Feel free to check it out, or learn all by yourself!
  14. Cant wait to kill me some walkers!

  15. Howdy friends! It's been a long wait for all involved with this project, especially long for those of us who have been working on it since day one. Since we officially launched the project we have seen over 20+ developers come through the team producing a range of different content. We still have work to do and have goals to continue to expand the project and add more content, but it's still a significant achievement for us to have reached this point. Dusty Roads has been a very ambitious project from the start. We never wanted to do things half way. That meant that we needed to custom build assets in a large number of areas in order to bring the old west feel to life for the player. This takes a lot of time, hard work, and dedication from everyone involved. Pre-Beta Weekend Starting: March 1st, 2019 at 6-11pm Eastern Standard Time Ending: March 3rd, 2019 at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time The road has been a long and difficult one for the team, but the support of the community has kept us going. It's because of this that we wanted to do something special for those of you that helped us financially along the way. Every single cent donated to this project to this point has been immediately turned around and invested into something else to make the mod better. So all of you that have been behind us can feel pride and know that you contributed to the content behind this mod. So, for one weekend prior to beta release we are opening up our servers to the exclusive group that has already purchased any of our previous beta packages. We have temporarily removed the beta packages from our store, so this is exclusively for those of you that decided to give us support before anything was officially released. We also want to hear from all of you while you play. Let us know what bugs you find, what features you like/dislike, and let us know how we can make the mod better. We will close the server after the beta weekend and immediately work on feature improvements solely based on the community response. If you already have purchased a beta package, please watch the official Dusty Roads RPG discord Beta Players channel for information coming this weekend on how to do all of the following: How to download and setup the mod files How to connect to TeamSpeak How to ensure that you are whitelisted to connect to the server on the pre-beta weekend How to report bugs/issues as well as provide feedback If you do not see the Beta Players channel on Discord, and you have purchased a package from our website, please let any Director or Support Staff member know and we will get you squared away. Feel free to leave a line in the #development-questions channel as well. Beta Release Starting March 8th, 2019 Ending: To Be Determined (public release date forthcoming) One week after our pre-beta weekend we will open it up to the public for anyone who buys a beta support package. We are continuing development in this stage all the way to public release, so any money raised will help improve the mod further. Make sure to provide feedback as well. In summary We are very excited to have reached this milestone and can't wait to hear from all of you. We hope the community as a whole enjoys Dusty Roads and will create an enjoyable and dynamic Western roleplay experience going forward. Thank you! Teamspeak Information: ts.dustyroadsrpg.com:10720
  16. Damn I can’t wait I haven’t been this hyped in years.

  17. Sam Gamble

    Matching Names

    Matching Names When joining the server, ensure that your In-Game name, name on Teamspeak, and website name correspond identically. Having a different name in either of these categories may result in issues with Task-Force Radio. This will help us also streamline support processes if in any circumstances you lose an item in game, die due to fail-rp, or any other reason you may need the assistance of a staff member. How to change name in Teamspeak 1. Connect to DustyRoads Teamspeak Server. 2. Navigate up to the self tab. 3. Go to Change Nickname. 4. Enter desired name and press enter. How to change name in ARMA III 1. Go to ARMA III main menu page (after you click play on mod page). 2. Go up to the top right corner and hover over the icon of a player (next to exit button). 3. Barely move down to where it displays your current name. 4. Either edit a pre-existing character, or create an entirely new one. Note: If you are on your first character, it may or may not allow you to edit name, if this is the case, you must create a new character 5. Enter Desired name and press OK. Note: Creating a new character will result in all of your settings being set back to default How to change name on DustyRoadsRPG Website Note: Players are unable to personally change their website name, instead they must submit a forum support ticket asking for the name change 1. Go to DustyRoadsRPG forum home page. 2. On the Tabs at the top, go to support. 3. Select New Request 4. Fill in corresponding information, must have the newly requested name present in request. Note: Names must be First and Last Name only. No single names. Also no special Characters Note: Next time you login, your Username will be the new name you requested in your support ticket If you have any further questions feel free to contact any staff member!
  18. Just joined this community today, looks awesome!

  19. Regarding pizza pockets, pepperoni is the best right?

  20. Features

    1. Private posse forum section 
    2. The ability to invite members to your posse
    3. Posse teamspeak channel
    4. Posse teamspeak server group - Icon size 16x16
    5. Access to upload custom made textures to dustyroads_communityassets 


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