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  4. Damn I can’t wait I haven’t been this hyped in years.

  5. Brothers and sister what are we going to do about these ass sniffing.. ass licking.. cousin fuckers they are trying to take over our damn state @Danielle Bohannon @Danny Bohannon @Bryce Bohannon @Zechariah Bohannon @Tye Bohannon @Adammio Bohannon
  6. Sam Gamble

    Matching Names

    Matching Names When joining the server, ensure that your In-Game name, name on Teamspeak, and website name correspond identically. Having a different name in either of these categories may result in issues with Task-Force Radio. This will help us also streamline support processes if in any circumstances you lose an item in game, die due to fail-rp, or any other reason you may need the assistance of a staff member. How to change name in Teamspeak 1. Connect to DustyRoads Teamspeak Server. 2. Navigate up to the self tab. 3. Go to Change Nickname. 4. Enter desired name and press enter. How to change name in ARMA III 1. Go to ARMA III main menu page (after you click play on mod page). 2. Go up to the top right corner and hover over the icon of a player (next to exit button). 3. Barely move down to where it displays your current name. 4. Either edit a pre-existing character, or create an entirely new one. Note: If you are on your first character, it may or may not allow you to edit name, if this is the case, you must create a new character 5. Enter Desired name and press OK. Note: Creating a new character will result in all of your settings being set back to default How to change name on DustyRoadsRPG Website Note: Players are unable to personally change their website name, instead they must submit a forum support ticket asking for the name change 1. Go to DustyRoadsRPG forum home page. 2. On the Tabs at the top, go to support. 3. Select New Request 4. Fill in corresponding information, must have the newly requested name present in request. Note: Names must be First and Last Name only. No single names. Also no special Characters Note: Next time you login, your Username will be the new name you requested in your support ticket If you have any further questions feel free to contact any staff member!
  7. [Q] What is Dusty Roads? [A] Dusty Roads is a mod set in expansionist west of the United States during the mid-to-late 19th century featuring cowboys, native americans, and more. The mod will include a custom terrain, buildings, guns, clothing, animals, and more. In addition to the mod, we are also building a server with a custom framework that is tailored alongside the mod files that we are building. [Q] How can I join the server? Where can I download the mod? [A] The mod is not yet released publicly. We are in the latter stages of development so it shouldn't be too much longer. Stay tuned either through discord or our website at http://www.dustyroadsrpg.com [Q] Do I have to pay to play the mod? [A] Short answer: no. Long answer: We are selling beta access which will allow people to join our multiplayer server and have access to the mods a little bit earlier than the public will. We are selling this access because it was asked for and it helps us recoup some of the investment into the project. Again, after our public release (post beta), the mods will be free to the Arma community to use. [Q] What do I get for buying beta access for $20? [A] You will get early access to the mod and to our server while we are in the final stages of testing. It will only be a short period. You will also get access to a few exclusive weapon skins on our server. We will also be providing some other perks in the future that automatically be given to those who bought beta for supporting us so early on. [Q] Why are you charging for access? [A] We are only charging for early access while we are in our beta testing phase (which is the last phase before we release publicly). Selling this access to those who are willing to pay helps the project financially. This project has costed a lot of money to develop, so anything helps. If you feel uncomfortable paying for anything, we invite you to wait and hold onto your money. However, even if you don't plan to play on our server, please keep in mind the total cost and consider donating after release to show your appreciation for the work involved. [Q] Will the server files be released? [A] At this point we have no plans to release any custom mission or server frameworks to the public. At some point in the future we may, but for now the only plans are for the mod files themselves to be released. [Q] When is Beta? [A] The date is still TBA, but we are getting very close. We want to ensure that everything is actually ready so that we don't make false promises to the public. [Q] When the mod is released, can we use it in single player missions? [A] Yes. [Q] Will TaskForce Arrowhead Radio (TFAR) be used on the server? [A] Yes we will likely be using TFAR. A teamspeak server will be setup as needed and announced to the members of the discord [Q] How will the marshalls work? [A] This and many other mechanics will be announced around Beta. Everything is actively evolving during development and we are working hard to hammer down exactly how everything will work, server rules, and more. Stay tuned!
  8. Just joined this community today, looks awesome!

  9. Regarding pizza pockets, pepperoni is the best right?

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  11. Father Charles Bohannon "Deceased" Mother Rose Bohannon "Deceased" Brothers Chad Bohannon Adam Bohannon Walter Bohannon Danny Bohannon Zechariah Bohannon Tye Bohannon Sisters Danielle Bohannon Family Friends
  12. LethalAF

    Monthly Recap #3

    Howdy Folks! Sorry for the late recap BUT we've been hard at work! Here's some info: Alpha version of Horse - Complete. She's fully ride able and we are just ironing out some final details to make her prairie worthy. Note that the beta released horse will not be its final iteration. As times goes on we'll add new functionality and features to help make her more immersive. Server Box - Purchased. We are currently running live tests on a server, inputting huge amounts of custom buildings, clothing and weapons made especially for DUSTY ROADS by our awesome development team. We're almost ready for BETA. So hang tight. The delay is making sure that the beta test is as playable as possible and FUN for you guys who have supported the mod through purchasing access. Bear with us just a bit longer and then we'll put you guys to work helping us iron out the bugs ;). New Discord channel - Questions and Answers. Feel free to ask some questions here and I and the rest of the team will do our best to answer them. Note, not everything is for public consumption at this time so we may not be able to answer everything but we'll certainly try. Please use the search feature whenever available before asking questions. A Note on Staff positions: We have been getting a lot of requests regarding staff positions. My official stance on this is that I will be waiting until closer to server launch before putting out any type of application or adding additional staff. In order to better serve the community I want to avoid putting anyone in a position of authority whom I have no experience with or idea as to their abilities to handle the responsibilities that position entails. It may not be what some of you guys want to hear and I apologize but we'll be holding our staff to a very high standard here at Dusty Roads so I need to vet each person before allowing them that responsibility. Thank you for your understanding.
  13. Excited for this to release!
  14. They call me...ElCoco
  15. Arma 3 Server Monetization Charging players to access your server, if the fees and associated perks do not affect gameplay in any way, is allowed. Cosmetic perks are allowed. Limiting access to only paying players is allowed. Product placement, in-game advertising and sponsorship is allowed. Selling of in-game items, that don’t affect gameplay, is allowed. Accepting donations is allowed, but to avoid any doubts: not providing donations must not prevent anyone from accessing the content.
  16. I am so excited for this mod :))
  17. MrBohannon

    Monthly Recap #2

    Howdy everyone. Just to inform y'all on what has happened this month, I'm going to be keeping it short and simple. We are in our final stages of development. This month we have been focusing on completing our horse, a few final buildings (Blacksmith, carpenter building, etc). We have also started focusing time on the framework and other various required items. We know that everyone is waiting anxiously for a release date. We apologize because we cannot provide one at this current time. The last thing we want to do is to release a product that is broken or sub-par. We also don't want to make promises that we are unable to deliver on as we believe that sets the stage for distrust. The only thing we can promise is that we are getting near to release. We are starting our final stages of closed Alpha on 6/8. All directors will review the progress, make any changes, and decide upon a Beta date as soon as we feel comfortable with where we are. We will be released this summer. Those are the marching orders that we work towards everyday. Of course, if anyone wants to help out in anyway, let us know! Thank you,
  18. LethalAF

    Monthly Recap #1

    Howdy Folks! We've had some questions recently regarding development and the costs associated with it. So in an effort to be transparent and share with the community what our efforts have been thus far I will detail out a few things to keep in mind. Here at Dusty Roads, we are striving to bring to life another world not seen before in any other Arma community... A journey to the old west! Fully equipped with period clothing, weapons and damnit if we don't have a horse too! Unfortunately, these things are not easily created and or implemented into the Arma 3 framework. This process takes many skilled hands with expertise that does not come without cost. Many of our custom features are quite expensive, however, the level of quality we have received is beyond our expectation. With this in mind , we will be releasing monthly reports to keep you the customer, "in the know" about the goings on. This report will include how much we have brought in and how much has gone out directly to development costs associated with Dusty Roads, we will not be detailing out each individual building/model at this time as we do want some things to remain a surprise for release! Take this initial post as an overall report on where we stand financially with the mods development and feel free to ask any questions you may have directly to our staff. Thank you for your continued support and we anxiously await the release of Dusty Roads for each and every one of you! Lethanial "Lethal" Savage Executive Director of Server Operations Development Cost Models & Animations $3100 Website $710 Server $540 Configs $110 Environment $400 Textures $50 Total money raised for development $540 Total money invested into the development $4910
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