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    DustyRoads RPG Patched v0.9.12-beta [Changelog] Fixed problem where players inventories were getting wiped due to being on the login screen when automatic data sync occurred. All inventory wiping problems should now be resolved. Please report to us if it happens to any of you again. A couple more recipes were added. Particularly in preparation for the moonshine/native american character roll out. Forging gold was fixed Multiple server side bugs and errors were fixed Tools were added to enable our support staff to better serve the players when issues arise. I'm aware the last two patches have been small hot fixes. We are working on more major roll outs and updates, but for now we're trying to roll out smaller bug fixes/patches to ensure that everything is running smooth for the community. Stay tuned, we've got more in the works.
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    Share Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AKPIcR8S8lmOSMxB7JN8Wmq7_u5EikRm?usp=sharing Make sure before you submit your work you have thought about whether or not this would fit in a wild western theme only people with posse pack owner tags can submit work that gets uploaded to DustyRoads_CommunityAssets
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    DustyRoads RPG Patched v0.9.11-beta [Changelog] Fixed Lanterns Lanterns are now use-able from the hotbar with light localized to the player Mining Respawn Patched Inventory corrections and data sync improvements Increased the frequency of automatic data sync with the database Added a patch to correct glitched inventories with phantom items Fixed Single Action Army inventory picture and ammunition problem Added spam prevention to the tools (pickaxe, shovel, hatchet) Fixed known item duping methods with the crafting system