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    Matching Names

    Matching Names When joining the server, ensure that your In-Game name, name on Teamspeak, and website name correspond identically. Having a different name in either of these categories may result in issues with Task-Force Radio. This will help us also streamline support processes if in any circumstances you lose an item in game, die due to fail-rp, or any other reason you may need the assistance of a staff member. How to change name in Teamspeak 1. Connect to DustyRoads Teamspeak Server. 2. Navigate up to the self tab. 3. Go to Change Nickname. 4. Enter desired name and press enter. How to change name in ARMA III 1. Go to ARMA III main menu page (after you click play on mod page). 2. Go up to the top right corner and hover over the icon of a player (next to exit button). 3. Barely move down to where it displays your current name. 4. Either edit a pre-existing character, or create an entirely new one. Note: If you are on your first character, it may or may not allow you to edit name, if this is the case, you must create a new character 5. Enter Desired name and press OK. Note: Creating a new character will result in all of your settings being set back to default How to change name on DustyRoadsRPG Website Note: Players are unable to personally change their website name, instead they must submit a forum support ticket asking for the name change 1. Go to DustyRoadsRPG forum home page. 2. On the Tabs at the top, go to support. 3. Select New Request 4. Fill in corresponding information, must have the newly requested name present in request. Note: Names must be First and Last Name only. No single names. Also no special Characters Note: Next time you login, your Username will be the new name you requested in your support ticket If you have any further questions feel free to contact any staff member!