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  1. MrBohannon

    Changelog v0.9.13-Public beta

    DustyRoads RPG Beta Release v0.9.13-Public Beta [Changelog] Crafting System Updates ALL recipes revamped (multiple ingredients for items) Various bug and item duplication fixes Items Updates Updated Icons for Hartford couch gun, Winchester Model 1866, Remington Rolling Block rifle, Colt Single Action Army New Barber Shop General Map Updates All towns now have a stables New Henryville Main Stable Framework Updates New horse spawn locations Farmers market economy adjustments
  2. MrBohannon

    THE CODE OF THE WEST! [Server Rules]

    THE CODE OF THE WEST We value roleplay over rule play, but even the wild west needs rules. 1.1 LIVE BY THE GOLDEN RULE All players should remain in character at all times and focus on maintaining the highest quality roleplay. Roleplay now, report later. 1.2 A REAL COWBOY RESPECTS HIS FELLOWS The use of racist, homophobic, sexist, and prejudiced content is prohibited. 1.3 NO MAN KNOWS NO LIFE BEYOND DEATH If your character dies you are unable to remember anything related to your characters death. You should forget those who have wronged you and not re-engage in the situation which caused your death. 1.4 DONT MESS WITH THE WITCHES Any form of glitching, hacking, or exploiting is prohibited and may result in a permanent suspension. 1.5 DONT BE A COWARD LIVE TO FACE YOUR BATTLES You should never leave the server in the middle of a role-play situation. 1.6 GIVE YOUR ENEMY A FIGHTING CHANCE Deathmatching other players for no reason is not allowed. You should only kill another player if you have a valid reason to. 1.7 KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD AHEAD Metagaming - using out of character knowledge such as Twitch streams and Teamspeak messages - to alter the actions of your character is forbidden. We want this space to be welcoming environment for all and we expect everyone to help us achieve this by notifying us of potential problems and helping others keep conversations inviting and appropriate. If you spot something problematic in the community, please report it. To make a report, please file a support ticket on the forums. Rules are subject to change, please stay updated on this posts for changes and updates.
  3. MrBohannon

    Posses Pack Textures

    Share Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AKPIcR8S8lmOSMxB7JN8Wmq7_u5EikRm?usp=sharing Make sure before you submit your work you have thought about whether or not this would fit in a wild western theme only people with posse pack owner tags can submit work that gets uploaded to DustyRoads_CommunityAssets
  4. Cant wait to kill me some walkers!

  5. Just joined this community today, looks awesome!

  6. Father Charles Bohannon "Deceased" Mother Rose Bohannon "Deceased" Brothers Chad Bohannon Adam Bohannon Walter Bohannon Danny Bohannon Zechariah Bohannon Tye Bohannon Sisters Danielle Bohannon Family Friends
  7. Arma 3 Server Monetization Charging players to access your server, if the fees and associated perks do not affect gameplay in any way, is allowed. Cosmetic perks are allowed. Limiting access to only paying players is allowed. Product placement, in-game advertising and sponsorship is allowed. Selling of in-game items, that don’t affect gameplay, is allowed. Accepting donations is allowed, but to avoid any doubts: not providing donations must not prevent anyone from accessing the content.
  8. WELCOME !
    1. Michael Freeman

      Michael Freeman

      Thank you for this warm welcome!

  9. Howdy cowboy can you reply to this profile post please
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    We are hiring

    We are hiring! If you have a skill in scripting, graphic design, modeling, animating, web design, or anything else related to the project we're always looking to expand our team. Modeling Animating Scripting A larger team will enable us to provide a better end product in a shorter timeline. If you're interested in helping out, please reach out to either of the project leaders. http://www.dustyroadsrpg.com/community/index.php?members/sync0s.95/ http://www.dustyroadsrpg.com/community/index.php?members/corbinnator.6/
  11. Website will be seeing some changes soon
  12. Here are a list of some of the guns we are aiming to bring to DustyRoads We currently already have the Winchester 1866 & Colt Navy 1851 in-game. We also have plans in adding the Hartford Coach Gun and the 1873 Colt Single Action Army Revolver in the coming weeks 1866 Winchester Rifle Originally dubbed the “Improved Henry” because of improvements like the addition of the King’s Patent loading gate on the receiver’s right side (rather than being loaded from the magazine’s muzzle end), a fully enclosed magazine and a wood forearm, over 170,000 of these brass-framed .44 caliber lever-actions left the factory between 1866 and 1898, long after stronger centerfire ammunition had eclipsed the ’66’s weaker rimfire fodder. Whether in full rifle or carbine form, the so-called Yellowboy ’66 was a favorite with California Sheriff Harry Morse; many Native Americans, including Sioux medicine man Sitting Bull; and Custer’s favorite Arikara scout, Bloody Knife; along with members of the Powell Geographic Expedition of the Grand Canyon in 1869; and 1890s outlaw Bill Doolin, to name a few. 1873 Colt Single Action Army Revolver If any gun conjures up images of the Old West, it’s Colt’s 1873 single-action Army revolver. This smokewagon was the best balanced, ergonomically perfect six-gun of the age, and from the time of its introduction in late 1873, it became an instant frontier favorite with good and bad hombres alike. Originally designed and used as a cavalry sidearm, it quickly became the choice of cowboys, lawmen, outlaws and outdoorsmen of all breeds. Produced in many powerful chamberings, most notably .45 Colt and .44-40, it outsold all competitors with 192,000 made by the end of the 19th century. Also known as the Equalizer, Hogleg, and other monikers, it was best known as the Peacemaker—a moniker given it by Colt distributor E. Kittredge of Cincinnati. It was the preferred sidearm of Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, the Texas and the Arizona Rangers, John Selman, Wes Hardin, the Daltons, John Slaughter, Elfego Baca and countless other Westerners. It was and still is truly the six-gun of the Wild West. 1874 Sharps Rifle Best known as the “buffalo rifle,” due to its heavy use by hide hunters, it was made from 1871 until 1881.Sharps’ 1874 model didn’t get the ’74 moniker until after the introduction of later Sharps rifles. Only 12,445 of the various model 1874 Sharps were produced by the factory, with several hundred additional ’74-style guns converted from altered Civil War percussion carbine actions by the Sharps factory and by E.C. Meacham of St. Louis. It was offered in such powerful big-game loads as .44-77, .45-70, .50-90 and .50-110. An 1887 government survey cited the Sharps single-shot rifle with shooting more buffalo than any other gun during the hide-hunting years of 1867 through 1882. It also did more to destroy the Plains Indians’ nomadic way of life than any other firearm. Among its famous users were lawman Bill Tilghman, during his buffalo hunting years; the Union Pacific Railroad; and Martha “Calamity” Jane Canary. At the Battle of Adobe Walls in June 1874, hunter Billy Dixon used a .50-90 Sharps to make a 1,538-yard shot, dropping an Indian and effectively ending that fight. To the Indians, the Sharps was known as the “shoots far,” or “shoot today, kill tomorrow” gun. 1887 Winchester Shotgun This early repeating shotgun, first introduced in the West in the spring of 1888, was not the first repeating scattergun manufactured but is considered the first successful one. The brainchild of John Browning, the ’87 lever-action was available in 10 and 12 gauge. The six-shot ’87 quickly became a success with just fewer than 64,000 turned out before 1899. A favorite of Arizona Sheriff John Slaughter, this smoothbore was also used on Feb. 15, 1900, by lawman Jeff Milton, who used his 10-gauge 1887 Winchester shotgun to kill Three Fingered Jack Dunlop during an attempted holdup of the Southern Pacific Railway in Arizona Territory. The Denver & Rio Grande Railroad also issued a number of ’87s to its messengers.