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Changelog v0.9.1-beta [3.8.2019]

What should the development team prioritize most in the next update?  

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  1. 1. What should the development team prioritize most in the next update?

    • Quality of Life Improvements (bug fixes, patches, fps improvement, etc)
    • UI Improvements and additions (cleanup the UI and make it look better, improve UI functionality, add new UI's and functionality)
    • Add more assets (buildings, objects, weapons, etc)
    • Add more things to do (more jobs, more criminal activities, etc)
    • Other

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DustyRoads RPG

Beta Release v0.9.1-beta



  • Fixed bank heist system
    • Money now available in the vault, increasing over time
    • Doors won't automatically close after any amount of time.
    • Sheriff's and Marshalls can now close the doors, it will automatically lock when they do
    • Bank windows have been fixed to allow bullets to pass through them
    • Added Central Bank sign to the front
  • Saloon Market Added
    • Saloon market will carry various items for sale as well as being another vendor players can sell specific items to
  • Crafting System Updates
    • New recipes added (ie, snakeoil, water, etc)
    • Various bug and item duplication fixes
  • Inventory System Overhauled
    • Camera view has been changed and localized. It looks better and will prevent the issue of viewing other players from your inventory view
    • Equipment handling buttons added allowing player to add/remove/change gear easily
    • Drop button added allowing easy discarding of items that are unwanted
    • Storage bug not showing item counts fixed
  • Housing system adjustments
    • Hotel crate spawns have been positioned inside the rooms as they should be
  • Train station added to Driftwood
    • New NPC added will allow whitelisted players to spawn/despawn the train from Driftwood as well as Henryville
    • FPS issues caused by train station in Henryville has been fixed
  • Hotbar buttons fixed
    • Buttons 5 and 6 were seemingly inverted. They are correct now.
  • Mine fixes
    • Some ladders were blocking player from getting up them. Climbing them is now much easier
    • One ladder was causing players to get stuck, ladder has been moved to prevent this
    • Collision geometry on the mine walls and floors has been improved in order to help prevent players from falling through the mine.
    • Option has been added to the T menu where players can dismount ladders when climbing them
    • Gold mineral rocks are now mine-able
  • General Map Updates
    • New Native American settlement has been made south of Driftwood across the lake. This will be used as an area for the Native American character rollout coming soon
    • Driftwood and Henryville have gotten some polishing and new additions
  • General Bug Fixes
    • Server side cleanup has been improved to help correct the issue where improper disconnecting caused AI to follow players and steal their horse
    • Most errors firing during Arma launch have been corrected. There is still more to do in this area
    • Post Office Messaging not populating player list when you don't have a message in your inbox already has been fixed
    • Player to player interaction targeting has been improved
    • Many various other small bug fixes and patches
    • Handcuff keys not working on restrained targets has been fixed


[Next Updates Forecast]

  • Player to player trading to be added
    • This will allow players to give/exchange items/money/goods
  • Native American character selection will cause player to be spawned in the new Native American settlement
    • Native american characters will rent Tipi's instead of the hotels, and will have different farming options available to them including sugarcane, which will be an important ingredient in moonshining.
  • Moonshine Manufacturing will be added
  • Crafting System Additions
    • Many new recipes will be added to the crafting system
    • Recipe Information portion of the Crafting UI will be cleaned up and made to look better. It will also provide more information about the resulting ingredient.
  • Inventory Tooltips will be fixed
    • Tooltips will be cleaned up and provide more information on the particular item.
    • Items missing tooltips will be corrected
  • Logging and Sawmilling system will be added
  • Prison Jobs to work down sentenced time will be added
  • Civilian restraints (rope tying) will be added
    • All players (civilian and law enforcement) will be able to hogtie players and place them on the back of their horse
    • All players (civilian and law enforcement) will be able to hogtie players and carry them on their back
  • Quest system will be added with AI bandit missions
    • Quests can be good or criminal depending
    • Rare loot maybe available doing the bandit missions
    • Some basic quests will be added to help newer players understand the mechanics of this mod
  • Adding a beautiful new official stable to the map in the major towns.
    • This is where horse purchasing and storing will be relocated to
  • Horse leveling system
    • Allow improvements in speed, fatigue resistance, and overall health
    • Require horses be fed and provided drinking water occasionally


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