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Monthly Recap #3

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Howdy Folks!


Sorry for the late recap BUT we've been hard at work! Here's some info:


Alpha version of Horse - Complete. She's fully ride able and we are just ironing out some final details to make her prairie worthy. Note that the beta released horse will not be its final iteration. As times goes on we'll add new functionality and features to help make her more immersive.


Server Box - Purchased. We are currently running live tests on a server, inputting huge amounts of custom buildings, clothing and weapons made especially for DUSTY ROADS by our awesome development team.


We're almost ready for BETA. So hang tight. The delay is making sure that the beta test is as playable as possible and FUN for you guys who have supported the mod through purchasing access. Bear with us just a bit longer and then we'll put you guys to work helping us iron out the bugs ;).


New Discord channel - Questions and Answers. Feel free to ask some questions here and I and the rest of the team will do our best to answer them. Note, not everything is for public consumption at this time so we may not be able to answer everything but we'll certainly try. Please use the search feature whenever available before asking questions.


A Note on Staff positions: We have been getting a lot of requests regarding staff positions. My official stance on this is that I will be waiting until closer to server launch before putting out any type of application or adding additional staff. In order to better serve the community I want to avoid putting anyone in a position of authority whom I have no experience with or idea as to their abilities to handle the responsibilities that position entails. It may not be what some of you guys want to hear and I apologize but we'll be holding our staff to a very high standard here at Dusty Roads so I need to vet each person before allowing them that responsibility. Thank you for your understanding.

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