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Common Questions and Answers

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[Q] What is Dusty Roads?
[A] Dusty Roads is a mod set in expansionist west of the United States during the mid-to-late 19th century featuring cowboys, native americans, and more. The mod will include a custom terrain, buildings, guns, clothing, animals, and more.

In addition to the mod, we are also building a server with a custom framework that is tailored alongside the mod files that we are building.

[Q] How can I join the server? Where can I download the mod?
[A] The mod is not yet released publicly. We are in the latter stages of development so it shouldn't be too much longer. Stay tuned either through discord or our website at http://www.dustyroadsrpg.com

[Q] Do I have to pay to play the mod?
[A] Short answer: no. Long answer: We are selling beta access which will allow people to join our multiplayer server and have access to the mods a little bit earlier than the public will. We are selling this access because it was asked for and it helps us recoup some of the investment into the project. Again, after our public release (post beta), the mods will be free to the Arma community to use.

[Q] What do I get for buying beta access for $20?
[A] You will get early access to the mod and to our server while we are in the final stages of testing. It will only be a short period. You will also get access to a few exclusive weapon skins on our server. We will also be providing some other perks in the future that automatically be given to those who bought beta for supporting us so early on.

[Q] Why are you charging for access?
[A] We are only charging for early access while we are in our beta testing phase (which is the last phase before we release publicly). Selling this access to those who are willing to pay helps the project financially. This project has costed a lot of money to develop, so anything helps.

If you feel uncomfortable paying for anything, we invite you to wait and hold onto your money. However, even if you don't plan to play on our server, please keep in mind the total cost and consider donating after release to show your appreciation for the work involved.

[Q] Will the server files be released?
[A] At this point we have no plans to release any custom mission or server frameworks to the public. At some point in the future we may, but for now the only plans are for the mod files themselves to be released.

[Q] When is Beta?
[A] The date is still TBA, but we are getting very close. We want to ensure that everything is actually ready so that we don't make false promises to the public.

[Q] When the mod is released, can we use it in single player missions?
[A] Yes.

[Q] Will TaskForce Arrowhead Radio (TFAR) be used on the server?
[A] Yes we will likely be using TFAR. A teamspeak server will be setup as needed and announced to the members of the discord

[Q] How will the marshalls work?
[A] This and many other mechanics will be announced around Beta. Everything is actively evolving during development and we are working hard to hammer down exactly how everything will work, server rules, and more. Stay tuned!

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