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Sam Gamble

Information on Closed Beta (March 1st)

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Howdy Everyone! The time is almost here and we want to let everyone participating in the Closed Beta this weekend to know what we are expecting to see out of every single one of you. This is a learning experience for all of us, we want to bring you the best mod we can, and without the communities help, it can prove to be a struggle.

What we Expect from you:

1.       Respect all your fellow players and attempt to create a wholesome environment with your peers in which roleplay is the main priority.

2.       Report to the staff team any and all exploits, glitches, bugs and issues you find within the mod. This is the first time the mod will be played with many players and it is vital to find as much as we can so we can have a smooth full release and bring you more features. There will be a bug report channel in Teamspeak. If you find anything wrong at all please wait in there until you are assisted. If we find anyone at all exploiting these glitches for personal gain will lose the ability to participate in the rest of the Closed Beta Weekend.

3.       Keep in mind that this is our FIRST beta release and there will most likely will be issues, do not complain about these issues, instead focus on helping the staff team get rid of them.

4.       Use common sense and play the mod in a way that makes it fun for you and for others.

5.       Tell the staff how you feel about the mod. We NEED your feedback so we can make our mod and community one of the best in ARMA’s history.

Note: We do not want many rules for our server since it is the Wild West. That being said, if we find you doing something that takes away from the mod, changes may need to be made. Do NOT be the reason we have to create another rule.

Also Note: Please if any of you have ANY suggestions, please make a forum post in the suggestions tab for our development team, or send Sam Gamble a message with a name, description, and any other information needed to get the point across. Thank you all for supporting our mod, we hope you enjoy every feature we have!

Roleplay on Dusty Roads:

Since this is a new concept and mod, roleplay will be closely monitored during the beginning of the server’s release. We do not have a solid grasp of how roleplay on Dusty Roads will be. It is the responsibility of every single player on the server to stay in character and focus on the interactions between others. We do not want strict rules when it comes to killing other players because this is like no other life server created, this is the Wild West, this is Dusty Roads. If you are going to kill someone, ensure it is done through roleplay and within reason. Do NOT RDM, and do not go bloodthirsty and attempt to find a way to kill every person you see.  The main things we expect are for EVERY single play in this community to stay in roleplay and avoid the obvious issues that face any sort of roleplay server. As long as you are focusing on roleplay and staying in character there will be no problems. Problems will be dealt with by the admins and staff.


Here is a getting started guide for our mod. Feel free to check it out, or learn all by yourself!

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